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Dad Called Me Robert. Let's Talk About Mental Illness
by Joan Lafuze

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A book about a family's personal experience with mental illness. This book came out in June of 2020.

It S Not Easy Being A Bunny
by Marilyn Sadler

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It is a good book. I like all the animals in the book and that the bunny tries to become them. I like how in the end he stays a bunny. I also like the pictures.

A Forever Kind of Family
by Brenda Harlen

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This is a touching story surround a 1 year old losing his parents and the two people the parents delegated to raise their child. There is romance in this story. The love and care for this child was commendable. This is fiction. I truly enjoyed this story.

A Place To Belong
by Joan Lowery Nixon

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This story is about a mother who is unable to care for her children. This story focuses on two of the children from this family. Years ago orphans were transported by train in hopes that homes could be found for them. Orphanages were so full that there was not enough room for all the orphans. That's when the orphan trains were put into practice.

Millie's Steadfast Love
by Martha Finley

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I love this book series! Millie, the main character is loyal, fun, and sweet. the whole Keith family is a treat to read about. I am almost done with the books and I can't wait to see what happens next

by Lu Yao

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This book is story of a young man torn between the life of a peasant and the city life in China. The main character does not want to live the life of a poor peasant, but he wants to be a worker in the city. I learned about the the culture about the way of life of laborers in the Chinese provinces. It was interesting to see how the ideas of marrying within your class is still applicable in other cultures.

How Happiness Happens
by Max Lucado

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This is a very practical book to help you find happiness through the steps in this book. You have to put effort forth. It's a spiritual minded book with scriptures.

The Murmur Of Bees
by Sofia Segovia

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Long. Slow to start, but then very good. History lesson and mystery.

Mary Mary
by James Patterson

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One of the best Alex Cross books I have read. Quick reading and gets you from the start!

pete the cat scaredy-cat
by james dean

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It was pretty crazy. He learned that he didn't need to be scared of the water and it was fun.

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