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Their Eyes Were Watching God
by Zora Neale Hurston

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Amazing. Heartfelt. Vibrant. This is not a book I would have ever picked up. This is not a book I would have selected. Thanks to my library's book club, I experienced this story. The thing that sticks to me the most is the language. It was difficult to read at times because the dialogue and the characters' inner thoughts are all reflected in Southern African-American English from the early 20th century. It does not read like my English. But it pulled me to its time and place and these people. It was at times like poetry. Hurston's prose was even more poetic than her dialogue. There are many lines that I could see quoted and framed above the mantel. She was a master wordsmith, and it shows here. The plot follows a woman who grew up poor, who married into ambition and money, then after her husband died, marries into a life of adventure and contentment with what the day brings. Not my kind of story at all. But it is very human, and that humanity and that emotional energy sings through every page. This should be on reading lists in college. This should be on book club rotations to bring new readers to this work. This is a quintessential American novel.

The Little Horse
by Betsy Byars

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I liked the book "The Little Horse" because he was very little and cute. I think other kids would like to read this book. It was exciting when he fell down a waterfall and was chased by a hawk. It ended happily because the little horse had finally found a home.

How To Give Your Cat A Bath In 5 Easy Steps
by Nicola Winstanley

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Remy enjoyed this book and wanted to give her own cat bath

A Place To Belong
by Joan Lowery Nixon

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This story is about a mother who is unable to care for her children. This story focuses on two of the children from this family. Years ago orphans were transported by train in hopes that homes could be found for them. Orphanages were so full that there was not enough room for all the orphans. That's when the orphan trains were put into practice.

It S Not Easy Being A Bunny
by Marilyn Sadler

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It is a good book. I like all the animals in the book and that the bunny tries to become them. I like how in the end he stays a bunny. I also like the pictures.

by Lu Yao

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This book is story of a young man torn between the life of a peasant and the city life in China. The main character does not want to live the life of a poor peasant, but he wants to be a worker in the city. I learned about the the culture about the way of life of laborers in the Chinese provinces. It was interesting to see how the ideas of marrying within your class is still applicable in other cultures.

Haben The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law
by Haben Girma

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A fast and easy to read memoir about a woman whose race, disability and gender contribute to her experiences of the world and how she learns to advocate for herself and others. A must read to understand and see the world through another perspective and, the expectation is, your own perception and actions will be changed as a result

U.s. Acres
by Jim Davis Garfield

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The book was amazing and I liked it.

Dad Called Me Robert. Let's Talk About Mental Illness
by Joan Lafuze

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A book about a family's personal experience with mental illness. This book came out in June of 2020.

The Giver Of Stars
by Jojo Moyes

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A multilayered tale set in the Appalachia in Kentucky, four very different women come together in a fictional account of the packhorse library that existed around Kennedy's time in office bringing books to the far flung family across the mountain. Love, adventure, intrigue and friendship--this book has it all, along with a line I will never be able to get out of my head... “There is always a way out of a situation. Might be ugly. Might leave you feeling like the earth had gone and shifted under your feet. But there is always a way around.”

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