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A Place To Belong
by Joan Lowery Nixon

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Already filled this out!

Ella Enchanted
by Gail Carson Levine

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I love this book! This is the third time I have read it and it has only increased in its value to me. It is a very cunning take on the classic Cinderella story, with fun twists and turns. The main character Ella is kind, smart, and loving, which makes the book 100 times better

Their Eyes Were Watching God
by Zora Neale Hurston

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Amazing. Heartfelt. Vibrant. This is not a book I would have ever picked up. This is not a book I would have selected. Thanks to my library's book club, I experienced this story. The thing that sticks to me the most is the language. It was difficult to read at times because the dialogue and the characters' inner thoughts are all reflected in Southern African-American English from the early 20th century. It does not read like my English. But it pulled me to its time and place and these people. It was at times like poetry. Hurston's prose was even more poetic than her dialogue. There are many lines that I could see quoted and framed above the mantel. She was a master wordsmith, and it shows here. The plot follows a woman who grew up poor, who married into ambition and money, then after her husband died, marries into a life of adventure and contentment with what the day brings. Not my kind of story at all. But it is very human, and that humanity and that emotional energy sings through every page. This should be on reading lists in college. This should be on book club rotations to bring new readers to this work. This is a quintessential American novel.

Every Fifteen Minutes
by Lisa Scottoline Books

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This one was much different than what I usually read, but I kind of enjoyed the variety of the thriller/suspense feeling of this book. It was well written and well informed in how it wove in the interactions of the criminal justice system, mental health system and the police and I enjoyed not necessarily having all of the information until the end, never knowing what would happen next. Eric Parrish DID begin to bother me as a character. I was sympathetic to a point and knew I was supposed to like him, but he kept overstepping, over reaching his bounds with no regard to the situation, which didn't feel realistic or accessible to me, and the ending felt a little forced, a bit much. Overall, a fun read but not an earth shattering one.

The Murmur Of Bees
by Sofia Segovia

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Long. Slow to start, but then very good. History lesson and mystery.

Peculiar Treasures
by Robin Jones Gunn

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I love the whole Christy Miller series and all of the sub-series including this one! Katie(the main character) is Christy's best friend. As Christy gets married Katie has learn to adapt her normal life. She also has to face many questions like should she take the student counselor job at her collage? This book is so much fun and I can't wait to read the other books in this series!

How Happiness Happens
by Max Lucado

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This is a very practical book to help you find happiness through the steps in this book. You have to put effort forth. It's a spiritual minded book with scriptures.

A Forever Kind of Family
by Brenda Harlen

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This was a touching story surrounding a 16 month old child that lost his parents and the two people his parentsto care for him in case of the loss of both parents

Mary Mary
by James Patterson

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One of the best Alex Cross books I have read. Quick reading and gets you from the start!

Captured An American Prisoner Of War In North Vietnam
by Alvin Townley

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This book was great. I have never read much about the Vietnam war, and this book was really and eye opener. I couldn't believe the conditions that the main charterer had to live in, due to him being a POW(prisoner of war). I think I will definitely read more about this topic in the future!

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